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Lakeside at a Glance

Lakeside School District was founded in 1928. The Lakeside School District is one of seven K-12 independent school districts in Garland County. Our district serves an area of 62 square miles and is located around the city of Hot Springs, which supports a population of approximately 40,000. Much of the district surrounds Lakes Hamilton and Catherine. The area is ideal for recreational camping and water sports. Lakeside School District and its individual schools have received many national and state awards and distinctions in academics

District Overview
2004/2005 Enrollment: 2557
2017/2018 Enrollment: 3586
Operating Budget: $27,000,000
Debt: $27,165,000
Millage Rate: 37.7
Primary School: Grades PK-1
Intermediate School: Grades 2-4
Middle School: Grades 5-7
High School: Grades 8-12

African American: 8.08%
Asian: 1.86%
Caucasian: 74.67%
Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: .24%
Hispanic: 9.98%
Native American: .86%
Two or more: 4.31%
Free/Reduced Eligible: 40.73%

Graduates in 2016: 214
Graduation Rate 2014: 91.83%
Honor Graduates: 30 (Class of 2016)
Total Scholarships Accepted in 2016: $10,411,277
National Merit Finalists: 2008-1, 2009-2, 2011-1, 2016-1
Lakeside Legacy Concurrent Credit Offerings: 66 hours
AP Course Offerings: 14
AP Students: 219
AP Exams Taken: 426
AP Scores of 3 or Above: 40 (2015)
AP Scholars: 18
AP Scholars with Honors: 2
AP Scholars with Distinction: 6
ACT: 22.8 Average Composite (State Average 20.4)

Certified: Administrators-16, Teachers-224
Support Staff: 87
Advanced Degrees: Masters-131, Bachelors-108, Doctorate-1
Average Teacher Salary: $55,639






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Contact Information

Lakeside School District
2837 Malvern Avenue
Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm

Summer Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:00am-3:00pm; Friday 8:00am-1:00pm

Phone: 501-262-1880
Fax: 501-262 2732 

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