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Lakeside School District 2017-2018 Administration Picture

Back Row Left to Right:

Mathew Thornton, Director of Technology; Don Pierce, Athletic Director; Darin Landry, LHS Principal;

Brandon Burton, LMS Dean of Students; Blake Campbell, LHS Assistant Principal

Middle Row Left to Right:

Lee Scroggins, LPS Assistant Principal; Bruce Orr, Assistant Superintendent; Randy Hornbeck, LHS Dean of Students;

Sandy Hawkins, LIS Principal; Anthony Brunett, LHS Assistant Principal;

Rick McLauglin, Assistant Superintendent; Richie Arthur, LHS Assistant Principal

Front Row Left to Right:

Bambi Norman, LMS Assistant Principal; Nicki Landry, LIS Assistant Principal; Shawn Cook, Superintendent;

Julie Burroughs, LPS Principal; Jamie Preston, LMS Principal, Courtney Eubanks, LEA Supervisor