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Take Your Legislator to School Month

Posted Date: 09/07/2018

Take Your Legislator to School Month

9/6/18 Lakeside had the pleasure of hosting legislators Sen. Alan Clark, Rep. Bruce Cozart, and Rep. Les Warren for Take Your Legislator to School Month. It’s always a great opportunity for Lakeside to showcase the new things happening on campus and to communicate with the legislators on current issues. 

In the 2015 Regular Session the Arkansas General Assembly passed the resolution designating September as annual “Take Your Legislator to School Month”. This bipartisan initiative was motivated by a need for members of the General Assembly to fully understand the issues and challenges facing public schools in their districts, as well as the innovative solutions our educators are developing. 

Legislators with AP Government Legislators visit with students in the LHS lunchroom.

Legislators with Biomedicine Class

Top Left: Rep. Les Warren shares view with students in Mr. Nixon’s AP Government class. Top Right: Sen. Alan Clark and Rep. Warren visit with students in the lunchroom. Bottom: Rep. Warren gets a closer look at the blood spatter analysis lab in Biomedicine.